WAAT Weekly Updates - 12/6/2020


This is Mrs. Cox, principal of WAAT.

Yearbooks are on sale starting at $26. Information on how to place an order is on our school website under “Students and Parents.” You can also purchase a yearbook in the front office. 

This year’s yearbook will feature our graduating seniors and super-seniors because they were the first class of students that helped make WAAT what it is today. Parents of graduates, if you would like to purchase a special section in the yearbook for your student you can do so by paying $25 for a ½ page or $50 for a whole page. You can write a special message with 125 words or less and provide four pictures for a full page. For a ½ page you can provide a special message of 50 words or less and provide two pictures. You can email all the information you want on your page to Mrs. Cox at krystal.cox@wilsonschoolsnc.net. You can pay for the page size of your choice on our school website, waat.wilsonschoolsnc.net under the “Students and Parents” tab. Then click, “Online Payment.” 

Graduating seniors and super-seniors who have not ordered their caps and gowns need to do so by December 31, 2020. These can be purchased by visiting jostens.com. 

Teacher-Made exams will begin on December 7th. 1st Block exams will be on December 7th. 2nd Block exams will be on December 8th. 3rd Block exams will be on December 9th, and 4th Block exams will be on December 10th. Students will be required to log on to take their final exams each day from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Any student not exempt from CTE State Exams will test on December 10th. These students will be required to take these tests on campus. It is important that you encourage your child taking Entrepreneurship I or Advanced Studies to complete his or her portfolio to ensure he or she is exempt from these two exams. College classes end on December 15th. Teachers will be contacting your child to let them know if he or she is exempt. 

If you have any questions, please contact the school at 252-265-4038. 

Have an awesome evening!